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Types Of London Homes

When you drive through London, Ontario one of the first things that you will notice is the abundance of real estate choices that the city offers. From the large collection of older style homes that line many side streets of downtown to the new condo complexes that are continuing to rise, there is something for every taste in London. Whether you're looking for a home away from it all or properties to rival a Toronto listing you can find it in London.

Throughout the history of the city, London grew with a joining of communities. First, the Blackfriar Street Bridge was constructed in 1875 to bring together the two sides of the Thames River. That continued all the way to the city's annexation in 1961, which brought the communities of Byron and Masonville into the mix. Because of that, while the City of London is now a whole, there are many unique sections of real estate for one to choose from.

If you're looking for homes for sale in London Ontario's downtown area but still want a small-town feel, you need to look into Wortley Village. With quaint streets filled with shops and all of the essentials, you would never know that you're only seconds from the center of one on Canada's largest cities. Wortley is in the section of the city known as Old South and was the site of one of the first settlements in the area. These are some of the older home designs that you will see and many of them have been kept in great shape.

Byron is another community for those who are happier a little away from it all. This community is determined to keep their close-knit feel. There are also two notable sites located in Byron. Boler Mountain is a great spot for those looking for a place to hit the slopes in the winter and hike and bike in the summer and Springbank Park is one of the city's favorite spots and the site of many events and festivals. If you're an Ontario first time home buyer looking for the perfect community to settle down, Byron might be just that place.

London is a student town and because of that the Masonville district seems to be ever expanding. The University of Western Ontario is one of the country's best research facilities and all those 20,000 students need somewhere to live. For those looking for an investment property or student housing, the north of the city could be one of your best options. There are also a number on London, ON townhouses well suited to students living with friends and young professionals alike. There are also some more high-end homes in this area, many occupied by the university faculty members.

Those coming from somewhere like Ottawa are going to want to be at the center of it all in London. The downtown core has a number of new condos and central homes just to suit this need. The downtown area is booming day and night, and for those who want to live right there, the city offers several options.

London is full of reasons why it is one of the top cities in the country and those reasons just seem to grow with each passing year. If you're looking for a city that delivers all you could ask for, look to London, Ontario.

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