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There is no doubt about it, the big city is the place to go when you are looking for a job. There are plenty of the usual types of jobs or careers for people to set their sights on; those with visions of becoming class action lawyers can realize great success here. Entrepreneurs are enticed by the vast customer base, while those simply looking to moonlight and work an easy 9 to 5 job in a restaurant or other business will find a place as well.

The problem with finding jobs in the big city is that, well, everyone else knows it's the place to look too. So while there are more positions available, there is also a lot more competition to fill those jobs. How can you make sure you get noticed? We have a few suggestions.

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First, start out by cleaning up your resume package. Up until your job interview, it's the only thing that employers will have to differentiate you from the other pieces of paper that cross their desks every single day. We say resume package because in today's marketplace, you need to have something which gives a taste of your personality to the company you want to work for, as well as proof to back up your claims. That means starting with a good, short cover letter. It should be no more than three paragraphs. Detail why you chose the company to submit your resume to, and briefly highlight your qualifications.

The next part of the package will be your resume. Keep this simple as well; list your experience first if you have any, and then your education. People like to put references available on request, but don't be lazy. Get your references to write letters for you and attach these to your package; you'll be making your mortgage payments with money earned from the job faster that way.

If you are applying for employment which requires special skills, you should probably include some sample work. For example, a family dentist in Lawrence Park Toronto will want to see sample pictures attached to the package to be used as reference.

When you go into submit that resume package, make sure you give it to a manager if you can. Don't be too pushy about it, and always treat the staff with courtesy. This is one of the trickier parts of landing a job, because you don't always know if your resume is getting to the right people. Always be persistent; if you don't hear back in a couple days, phone and ask where your resume is at. If a couple of weeks go by, re-submit!

When you do get called for an interview, don't be nervous. You don't need to go get a new wardrobe or otherwise change your appearance; just try to bring your A game.

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